Hour of Dates Live!

On March 31st, WRKE teamed up with the Kickin’ It Live event crew to bring our show “Hour of Dates” hosted by Kaelyn Spickler and Destinee Harper to Cavern.

There were two rounds, the first with a bachelorette and second with a bachelor. Each were blindfolded as they listened to the four contestants answer questions to determine who, in the end, they would be most compatible with.

The audience participated by yelling suggestions for eliminations and questions (some more called-for than others) and comforting those who got booted off.

WRKE would like to thank stage tech and event staff for assistance with setting up, Rebecca Mitchell for photos, Destinee and Kaelyn for going above and beyond as WRKE hosts, and all of our participants (pictured).

Produced by Liv Sampogna


April 4th, 2019

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