How long could you last without food, sleep, access to the bathroom, or your cellphone, all while in a 200 square foot radio studio, with no breaks, and only one bottle of water while facing eliminations and temptations? How far would you go for $300 cash? More importantly, how far will 10 college students go for $300 cash?

In WRKE’s biggest event to date, we are combining CBS’s hit reality series Big Brother and Survivor to form Outlast: A live endurance and social battle.

Outlast will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 17, and can continue through noon the following day.

During Outlast, 10 students will go into the WRKE studio with no access to food and one bottle of water. Participants will not be allowed to use the restroom, will not have access to their cellphones, and will be woken up if they fall asleep. Contestants will participate in both immunity and reward trivia challenges, and every two hours of the first ten hours of the contest, a participant will be voted out unless only two contestants remain.

WRKE will bring you all of the contests, eliminations, drama, and “confessionals”, which are interviews during the game about what the contestant is doing and what they are thinking, LIVE on the air throughout the day. But you can also watch all the drama unfold LIVE on Facebook Live video stream or come by the studio to see the action in person!




If you are a Roanoke College student and are interested in being a contestant for Outlast, applications will be collected from 11-4 on Tuesday, February 27, in the Atrium of the Colket Center.