WRKE Program Director Named Manager of the Year

SALEM, VA- Following the announcement that WRKE was named student organization of the year for the second consecutive year, it was announced that WRKE Program Director Elijah Wilhelm was one of two students named Student Activities Manager of the Year for 2017/2018. “I think it just goes to show how great things are going at the station,” Wilhelm said. “Everyone is working so hard and they […]

WRKE Named Student Organization of the Year for a Second Consecutive Year

SALEM, VA- WRKE is excited to announce that it has been named the student organization of the year for the 2017/2018 academic year. Sharing the honor with the Roanoke College Garden Club, this is the second year in a row the station has claimed the honor. The award comes off of WRKE’s historic year that included joint collaborations, remote broadcasts, live audience shows, radio dramas, a reality […]

WRKE Show of the Month: April 2018

WRKE (Salem, VA)- WRKE is excited to announce it’s Show of the Month for April! Each month, WRKE admin will choose and highlight a show that goes above and beyond in the planning, producing, and execution of their show. The show of the month for April is Pass the Aux. The show is a mix of music, conversations on entertainment and current events, games, and light hearted […]

WRKE Holds Outlast Challenge

Salem, VA (WRKE) – WRKE held it’s biggest event to date on Saturday, Outlast: a live social and endurance battle. The competition began with 9 players in the WRKE studio. The players were not allowed access to food, chairs, the restroom, their cellphones, and were not allowed to sleep. In the first immunity contest, Katie Rhatigan won immunity by naming the rewind tune. The group […]


WRKE and Theatre Roanoke College are looking for Roanoke students who are interested in a radio drama collaboration between WRKE and Theatre Roanoke College. This is a vocal acting project that will consist of approx. 4 rehearsals and 1 live radio performance.  There are 9 open roles but actors may be playing multiple roles.   Actors MUST be free on Sunday, April 15th for most of […]