Show of the Month: January 2020

For our first Show of the Month of the year, and the decade, we thought it most appropriate to honor a WRKE veteran: Good Vibes Radio hosted by Lexi Samuels. Samuels, occasionally joined by her previous cohosts Gabby Hornak and Louis Annunziata, has now hosted the show for two years.

The premise of the show is a college-student friendly mix of music and talk. She reflects on the shows start, “About a year and a half ago, my roommate Gabby and our neighbors Louis and Colin joined me as hosts on the show. We had to change everything up to make the show more structured which is how we got our ‘Good News’ segment, our ‘Would You Rather?’ segment and our ‘Questions’ segment.”

Samuels also talked with us about her all-time favorite show, a trivia night that brought in many of her friends as guests, “Everyone was crammed in the studio and we never stopped laughing. It was honestly just a lot of fun.”

WRKE has now long enjoyed the lighthearted and relaxed feel Samuels’ show brought to the station, and now has come to rely on the host herself to support and train new hosts, skills that will likely come into much use in her future.

“My dream job is to be a radio host for SiriusXM Octane or for Elvis Duran,” she reflects, “Gabby has plans to do something in broadcasting as well, and Louis is a health and exercise science major and is incredible knowledgeable on the human anatomy. He plans to be a masseuse or a chiropractor.”

What brings these three together is a great on- and off-air chemistry that makes Good Vibes Radio an accredited WRKE tradition a must-listen every Wednesday from 6-7pm.


February 6th, 2020

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