Show of the Month: September 2019

The weekly show Puentes Culturales embodies two major firsts for WRKE — it is the first show hosted by a Roanoke College professor, and the first show spoken in Spanish.

While Dr. Alvarez and her co-host Dr. Montes are newcomers to the WRKE team, they hit the ground running, bringing in Carolina Smales, the CEO and Founder of Persunality, as a guest on their first show. They plan to continue bringing guests who can speak to new and different opportunities for the Hispanic community as well as discussing the culture, politics, and society of the LatinX world. And as an added bonus, the team incorporates Spanish music into each show!

Dr. Alvarez created the show in order to strengthen the relationship between the Hispanic community and Roanoke College, she explains “There is a big Hispanic Community in the Salem and Roanoke area. However, in my classes, I got the impression that there is not a big connection between Roanoke College and such community. With no doubt, our students (Spanish Minors and Majors) would benefit from such connection. We want to bring the Hispanic Community to the College and vice versa.”

In the future, Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Montes hope to expand their audience to the entire in-range Hispanic community.


October 8th, 2019

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