WRKE Has Record Staff for the Third Semester in a Row

WRKE Has Record Staff for the Third Semester in a Row

WRKE (Salem, VA)- WRKE is excited to announce it has broken the record for both the largest staff and the largest number of original programs in the station’s 12 year history for the third semester in a row.

WRKE has combined 35 new staff members with its 40 returning staff members for a record 75 members. These 75 members work to produce WRKE’s record 43 shows. Both of these records were set the previous semester.

“It is so awesome to see the growth that the station has had,” Program Director Elijah Wilhelm said. “I am so proud to continue to beat records, continue to improve, continue to win awards, and just be the best that WRKE has been. We have a really great group and they are going to do some really awesome things.”

The staff is made up of 14 freshmen, 30 sophomores, 16 juniors, and 15 seniors. The most common major is political science with 9 students, followed by communications with 8 students, and biology and business both with six. 5 are currently undecided and other majors include history, computer science, sports management, and theater.

Shows will range from sports, politics, conspiracy theories, unsolved murders, and corgis to music only shows playing almost every genre. This will be the first time WRKE will also have a show that airs daily on week days with “Good Morning Salem”.

To see the full schedule, click here.

To meet the full staff, click here.



September 10th, 2018

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