WRKE Holds Outlast Challenge

Salem, VA (WRKE) – WRKE held it’s biggest event to date on Saturday, Outlast: a live social and endurance battle. The competition began with 9 players in the WRKE studio. The players were not allowed access to food, chairs, the restroom, their cellphones, and were not allowed to sleep.

The 9 Outlast Players

In the first immunity contest, Katie Rhatigan won immunity by naming the rewind tune. The group then voted out Gabriel Rangel, by a vote of 7-1-1, with Payton Powell and Sophia Morales both receiving one vote each as well.

After a discussion about the elimination, the players competed in a 20 Questions style reward challenge in which Brice Hall won a neck pillow to sit on.

He instead used it for a hat. 

Another challenge followed in which Powell won immunity in a game of Last Word, but was blindsided by the elimination of her ally, Rhatigan who was voted out with 5 votes, while Christian Galleo received three. 

At this point, Hall, who had alined with fellow players Tristian Rodgers, Kasey Fairbanks, and real life girlfriend Morales felt comfortable enough to announce to everyone that his group of four had decided to eliminate the rest of the players one at a time, and then split the grand prize between the four of them.

“I mean you can walk out cause you’re like next anyways,” Hall told fellow player Marley Carlson.

Carlson was not the next one out however as minutes later, Galleo decided to remove himself from the game. 

“I mean this is a fun competition but at the same time when you get a group of four people who just dictate everything, there is no point,” Galleo said, “I’m wasting my time right now.”

Roanoke College Historian and guest host Mark Miller

After Galleo’s departure, the contestants were visited by Roanoke College historian Mark Miller for an immunity challenge of Roanoke College history.

After Rodgers, Fairbanks, Morales, and Carlson- who was told she was next, gave up their spot in the contest for 5 minutes with their phone, only Powell and Hall competed. 

Hall claimed immunity, and his second contest win, and it seemed like there was no hope for Carlson.

Hope arrived however when Carlson and Powell voted for Morales, Rodgers and Fairbanks voted for Powell, and Morales and Hall voted for Carlson, and there was 3-way tie. On a re-vote however, Rodgers flipped his vote back to Carlson and she was eliminated.

With only 5 players remaining, Rodgers won a special reward in a game of “What Does Trump Say” and was given 2 votes to cast in the upcoming elimination instead of just one. 

In what turned out to be the last immunity challenge, Hall pulled out his third victory in a game of Fact or Crap. The vote that followed was unanimous against Powell since she voted to eliminate the host and her vote did not count. 

Host Elijah Wilhelm with Winner Brice Hall

Staying true to their word, Rodgers, Fairbanks, Morales, from the group of four then forfeited leaving Hall to be the winner- under promise he would share the $300 grand prize with the group.

“Do I go on the WRKE website?” Hall asked, “Cause I want to put this on my resume.”

A huge thank you to all of the people who worked hard to make this event so great.




March 18th, 2018

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