WRKE Makes Big Changes

Salem, VA (WRKE) — Over the past year, WRKE has made huge strides forward. With the move to the new studio, we have increased our visibility on campus immensely. Any student wishing to eat at the Sutton Commons simply can’t miss us. This has led to extended interest in the station for both students who are wishing to listen, and those who wish to be an on-air personality.

We have extended our relationships to many different parts of campus, including the Athletics department with simulcasting of Roanoke games both last spring and a new program launching in the fall to simulcast 4 Roanoke games of every sport.

We are also collaborating with the college’s theatre department with an upcoming project where we will be hosting a radio play in the fall.

Additional collaborations have been planned including a broadcast live from Fruitions, and a game of Family Feud with the Roanoke Basketball Teams live in the Cavern with an audience as well as streaming on air- the first time a WRKE show will have a live audience.

WRKE has also greatly extended its social media outreach and presence. We have created new posters and purchased new banners for the station and extended our campus and community outreach and advertising, working closely with the college PR department. We have recorded 70 new sweepers and station imaging that vary from basic information about the station to comedic gags. New leadership has also reviewed and overhauled the station policies and produced new, updated forms and staff manuals.

Finally, WRKE has overhauled its music library removing over 500 songs and adding over 500 in the alternative rock genre to appeal more to the station’s target audience; college aged students.

“We have made major improvements and worked hard all summer and we are excited for students to return to campus to hear and enjoy all of the changes” Program Director Elijah Wilhelm said, “but there is always room for improvement, and at least while I am serving as program director, we will continue to make more improvements, push more creative boundaries, and try new things each and every day.”


August 15th, 2017

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