WRKE Prepares to Hold Second “Outlast” Competition

WRKE (Salem, VA)- WRKE is excited to announce that it will be holding its second “Outlast” competition. In March, WRKE held the first competition, in which 9 players stayed in the WRKE studio for a total of 7 hours. The players were not allowed access to food, chairs, the restroom, their cellphones, and were not allowed to sleep. 

This time around, the rules have been changed and the game is focused more on surviving the social elements of the game rather than the physical ones. Outlast 2.0 will feature 10 students including varsity athletes, a horse rider, and an ex boyfriend and girlfriend. These players will be stuck in the 150 square foot radio studio for 15 hours. Once again, they can not use their phones, talk to friends or sleep. They will receive food this year and will be allowed to take bathroom breaks.

Players will battle in trivia competitions every hour to win either a reward like time with their phone or special powers in the game or to win immunity for the upcoming elimination. Every two hours someone will be voted out by the other players.

For those listening, they will be able to hear live conversations from the room as each player will be wearing a microphone that must stay on while they are in the game. Listeners will also be able to hear all of the competitions and eliminations and each player will participate in confessionals in which they will talk to listeners about their position in the game, their allies, and their enemies.  

The show will begin at 9am where the cast will be introduced and a big twist will be announced to the players and listeners. The show will continue with only limited song breaks until midnight. Once there are only two players remaining, at midnight the 17th, the final two will go home, and have time to campaign to the players they eliminated;  they will be the ones to decide the winner. The eliminated players will cast their votes, and the show will reconvene at noon November 18th when the winner will be announced. 

You can listen at 100.3 FM in Salem, online at, or on your phone with a radio streaming service like TuneIn. You can also follow our social media for updates.


November 1st, 2018

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