WRKE Show of the Month: April 2018

WRKE (Salem, VA)- WRKE is excited to announce it’s Show of the Month for April! Each month, WRKE admin will choose and highlight a show that goes above and beyond in the planning, producing, and execution of their show.

The show of the month for April is Pass the Aux. The show is a mix of music, conversations on entertainment and current events, games, and light hearted conversations. The show is hosted by juniors Rachel Dix, Emily Wright, and Peyton James. All three are local students who graduated together from Salem High. Rachel and Emily are psychology majors and Peyton is a business major.

“Listening to Pass the Aux is like hanging out with your friends for an hour a week,” Program Director Elijah Wilhelm said. “Even though you aren’t joining into the conversation, Rachel, Peyton and Emily are all so close, that it feels like a family. And when you listen to the show, you just feel apart of that family, and that makes the show really great to listen to.”

“I come in here and I forget about everything else I am doing,” Dix said. “I like being able to maybe help the listeners maybe forget about what they are doing for a while.”

“I know how much effort that put into each show,” Wilhelm said, “And although Rachel won’t ever admit it, it always goes very well and you can see the effort that all three of them put in. They switch who picks the music and who runs the show every week, and that really changes the show up and keeps it from becoming stale, which is something that can happen all too easily. But not with Pass the Aux. Each host has their own style and it comes through whenever they are hosting.”

You can catch Pass The Aux Thursdays from 12-1, ONLY on WRKE.

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April 2nd, 2018

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