WRKE Show of the Month: November 2018

WRKE is excited to announce its Show of the Month for November! Each month, WRKE admin will choose and highlight a show that goes above and beyond in the planning, producing, and execution of their show.

The show of the month for November is The Sisterhood of the Tinfoil Hats. Hosts Casey Wilson, Brett Schulz, Jordan Hanson, and Shannon Baker rotate around hosting this earnest satire show about conspiracy theories, cryptids, and the general mysteries of the universe.

“To be honest I was a little concerned when I first heard this idea… I wasn’t sure what to expect,” Program Director Elijah Wilhelm said. “But this is one of my all time favorite shows to listen to. The girls are so funny and they always have a good time.”

The show’s founding host Casey Wilson hosted Throwback Thursday last semester and has completely switched gears for this show. She is also a core member of WRKE staff and helps with many of the stations events.

“Casey and the crew are so great,” Wilhelm said. “They never take the topics or themselves too seriously which is what makes the show fun. They always have fun with the theories and focus more on entertainment than just describing or pushing the theories. Even with the odd topics, I never feel like ‘what is going on…’”

You can catch the Sisterhood of the Tinfoil Hats on Thursdays from 7-8pm only on WRKE


November 2nd, 2018

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