Admin Staff

Manager/Student Adviser – Rick Mattioni ([email protected])

Rick comes to Roanoke College with 40+ years of experience in broadcasting. Rick has been a program director/digital content manager, a news and public affairs director, a news producer, a program host, a news anchor, and a reporter for both commercial and non-commercial stations. At WRKE, Rick oversees the operation of WRKE and coordinates with students and college staff to conduct broadcasting operations as a public service from Roanoke College and adheres to the station’s mission as a resource for students, the college community and city of license (Salem). Rick serves as an adjunct faculty member at Roanoke and works closely with student leaders at WRKE to shape the station’s image and sound.

Program Director – Lexi Samuels ([email protected])

Lexi Samuels is a senior majoring in communications with a concentration in screen writing and a minor in creative writing. She hails from New Jersey and misses the beach immensely. Her love of music led her to WRKE where she has been hosting her own show and training new hosts. Lexi transitioned into Program Director after nearly a year as assistant PD. When she’s not in the station, Lexi is either watering her plants, podcasting, watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, reading/writing poetry or FaceTiming her dog, Korg.