Puentes Culturales (Cultural Bridges)

Puentes Culturales is WRKE’s weekly public affairs program heard Thursday mornings at 10:00 on 100.3 FM in the Salem/Roanoke area and live streamed on WRKE.org and through the TuneIn app (as well as other streaming services). Each week host Jose Banuelos Montes discusses topics of interest to and about the local Latinx community and beyond. Puentes Culturales is the only locally produced bilingual public affairs program in the Roanoke Valley. We welcome your topic suggestions and comments. Contact Us: [email protected], 540-375-2277

On the May 4, 2023 edition of Puentes Culturales Roanoke College’s VP of Community, Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Teresa Johnson Ramey joined host Jose Banuelos Montes for a discussion on what’s happening on campus in her area of responsibility.

November 30, 2023 Puentes Culturales features a discussion with Dr. Antonio Villa, founder of Casa De La Salud (House of Health) which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Hispanic community in Central Virginia. Dr. Villa has more than 15 years of health care experience in Colombia and Mexico before moving to Richmond.

Puentes Culturales 11-30-23 Segment 1

Puentes Culturales 11-30-23 Segment 2

Puentes Culturales 11-30-23 Segment 3

Puentes Culturales 11-30-23 Segment 4

December 14, 2023 Puentes Culturales includes insightful discussions with 2 two guests joining host Jose Banuelos Montes. In the first and second segments of the show, Jose talks with Dr. Sally Perret, Associate Professor of Spanish at Salisbury University in Maryland. In the third and fourth segments, David Garcia, a volunteer at Casa Latina in Roanoke joins Jose to discuss the organization’s computer literacy, reading and nutrition groups.

Puentes Culturales 12-14-23 Segment 1

Puentes Culturales 12-14-23 Segment 2

Puentes Culturales 12-14-23 Segment 3

Puentes Culturales 12-14-23 Segment 4

December 21, 2023 Puentes Culturales examines how different Latin cultures celebrate Christmas in segments 1 and 2; then in segments 3 and 4 host Jose Banuelos Montes talks with recent Roanoke College graduate Roge Lopez about his success in and out of school.

Puentes Culturales 12-21-23 Segment 1

Puentes Culturales 12-21-23 Segment 2

Puentes Culturales 12-21-23 Segment 3

Puentes Culturales 12-21-23 Segment 4

January 4, 2024 marks a new year for Puentes Culturales, WRKE’s public affairs series focusing on issues relevant to the Roanoke/Salem area Hispanic/Latinx community. In this installment of the program, host Jose Banuelos Montes of Roanoke College’s Spanish language department brings us up to date on events and goings on in the area. We also reprise a segment with the College’s VP of Community, Diversity, and inclusion and Jose closes with services available in the new year at Roanoke city’s Casa Latina.

Puentes Culturales 1-4-24 Segment 1

Puentes Culturales 1-4-24 Segment 2

Puentes Culturales 1-4-24 Segment 3

Puentes Culturales 1-4-24 Segment 4

The January 11, 2024 edition of Puentes Culturales features a discussion with Roanoke College’s VP of Community, Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Teresa Johnson Ramey who joins host Jose Banuelos Montes for an update on progress made in her area of responsibility during 2023 and what’s ahead in the new year.

Puentes Culturales 1-11-24 Segment 1

Puentes Culturales 1-11-24 Segment 2

Puentes Culturales 1-11-24 Segment 3

Puentes Culturales 1-11-24 Segment 4

Puentes Culturales 2-22-24 Segment A

Puentes Culturales 2-22-24 Segment B

Puentes Culturales 3-21-24

On this edition of Puentes Culturales host Jose Banuelos Montes discusses why Latinx students need to connect with their community and outreach community services available in the area. Guest on this program is Dr. Ian Michalski who teaches Spanish at Roanoke College.

Puentes Culturales 3-28-24

Host Jose Banuelos Montes discusses topics of interest in the Roanoke area Latinx community including mental health and emotional challenges faced by new residents from other cultures. In the second half of the program, Jose is joined by Salem High English teacher Nolan Shigley who also sponsors the school’s Multicultural Club and hosts Pots, Pans, and Gritos (“Shouts” in Spanish): A Voice for the English Learner.

Puentes Culturales for April 4, 2024, features host Jose Banuelos Montes discussing wellness and playing some great Latin tunes.

On Puentes Culturales for April 18, 2024 host Jose Banuelos Montes interviews Roanoke College grad Gaston Ocampo who has risen to a lead position with an international organization. As the Secretary General for the Institute for the Promotion of Latin America and the Caribbean, Gaston is responsible for the strategic oversight and responsibility for all initiatives related to the day to day of the institute, leading the structure to ensure successful delivery and optimization of the resources.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal the Institute for the Promotion of Latin America and the Caribbean (IPDAL) was created in 2006 with the aim of strengthening business and academic relations between Latin American and Caribbean countries and Portugal. IPDAL is a private institution with economic diplomacy at its chore.