Staff Manual

WRKE Staff Manual Transcript. Updated August 2018.

Welcome to WRKE!
Our on-air staff is the lifeblood of WRKE. We emphasize creativity in the music you play, and the content you discuss on your show. This is truly a unique opportunity for you to be creative and generate content that is personal to you.

WRKE-LP is a student run, commercial free radio station licensed to Roanoke College. The purpose of WRKE is to provide a creative outlet for students to express themselves and to learn broadcasting skills, as well as for the college to enrich the quality of life in the Salem community and beyond by offering a variety of entertainment and information programming. WRKE offers students an excellent opportunity to enhance their academic experience, and we welcome students from all areas study.

WRKE operates on a 24/7 broadcast schedule with a power output of 100 watts transmitting on 100.3 MHz and covers Salem and parts of the surrounding area. WRKE also streams live audio over the internet at and on smartphone apps like TuneIn and MyTuner Radio.


FCC Policies

The Federal Communications Commission has set guidelines which WRKE must adhere to in order to retain our FCC license to operate:

You must read aloud WRKE’s “FCC-legal station identification” at/near the top of each hour: WRKE-LP, Salem. However, you should also add additional station slogans such as: “100.3 FM and streaming live at”. But, “WRKE-LP, Salem” MUST be announced at the top of the hour.

WRKE staff must adhere to FCC technical regulations such as reporting transmitting irregularities (periods of dead air), giving the station legal identification at or near the top of each hour as stated above, or after returning to the air or just before turning the transmitter off. If you believe the transmitter is not working, the Program Director or WRKE engineer should be notified immediately.

The WRKE transmitter (“carrier signal”) should never be left on without any programming going out over the air- also known as “dead air”. There must always be programming going out over the air, either live or on automation, as long as we are transmitting. In the event that programming can’t be restored in a reasonable length of time, the WRKE engineer and manager must be informed immediately so they transmitter can be turned off.

Music lyrics or comments made by on-air staff found obscene, indecent or suggestive in nature (that would lead to the listener concluding obscene or indecent content through allusion), should never be aired over WRKE. This is for both FCC regulations and Roanoke College standards. The FCC says that broadcasts are indecent if they contain “language or material that in context depicts or describes, in terms or patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory activities or organs…”

There is no set list by the FCC, so if you are unsure, ASK!

WRKE staff cannot accept payment, gratuities, gifts, or favors for the playing of music or airing of other material.


General Policies

Access to the station is provided to all who work at WRKE within the normal operating hours and schedule of the Colket Center. WRKE staff must adhere to Colket Center building policies and should not be in the station unless you are on air or otherwise have permission from a WRKE manager.

In addition to the legal identification at the top of each hour, we ask that you let listeners know who we are about every 15 minutes. Image is what you are trying to create for the station so you could add things such as “WRKE, playing music without commercials” or “Thanks for listening to WRKE on the air at 100.3 and online at” or “WRKE, on the air at 100.3; online at; and on social media! Like us on Facebook.”

You may only broadcast during your assigned time. Anyone broadcasting without permission will be pulled from the schedule and removed as a staff member.

Please remember to sign in to the Google Drive when you arrive to the studio.

You are not required to talk on air throughout your show, but you must introduce and end your show. If there are issues with speaking on air, please contact the Program Director. 

Keep it professional. Derogatory comments or music – whether outright vulgar or suggestive; ethnic, gender or racial in nature – have no place on WRKE broadcasts.    Cursing, personal attacks, slanderous or inflammatory comments, slurs against people or institutions- especially the one that funds and owns the station, are not permitted.

On-air hosts may not advertise for others, whether they are being paid or not. Hosts can not make any calls to action (Go buy this or stop by this restaurant) and opinions should be labeled as such. Comments in a news story should be balanced with opinions from all viewpoints.

WRKE staff is expected to keep the facility clean. Keep soft drinks, coffee, and food that could damage the audio equipment out of the studios. Only use the whiteboard walls for notes and clean them before you leave the studio. You must silence your cellphone before going on air. 


Show Policies

YOU MUST PREPARE YOUR SHOW. Depending on the type of show you have, you must have a playlist prepared, discussion topics ready, and whatever else you may need for your broadcast. At no point should there be dead air on the station. If you are not prepared – DO NOT GO ON AIR, contact the Program Director.

WRKE strives to produce programming that is dependable, therefore you MUST come to your assigned shifts unless previously discussed with the Program Director. You should arrive to the studio no later than 15 minutes before your broadcast and you should start & end your broadcast promptly according to the schedule.

Since we do not have a “digital delay” system, no live phone calls are permitted on the air. You can however have recorded call-ins or in-person guests. Remember that guests are held under all of the same FCC & WRKE standards and guidelines that staff are. Only put people on the air that you trust because you are responsible for what they do. Guests must fill out a Guest Agreement Form on before going on the air.

WRKE staff is expected to keep content on the air at all times. If for any reason, there is nothing being broadcast (dead air) for 5 seconds or more, you must report it online at This is called “discrepancy reporting” and will be used for training purposes, not disciplinary action.

WRKE & Roanoke College will ban from the station and prosecute anyone who is caught stealing WRKE property.

The Program Director reserves the right to cancel a specific episode of any show for pre-planned special events or coverage and/or breaking news (should it be important enough).

The Program Director also reserves the right to remove a show from the line up after discussion with WRKE managers and the show’s host if the show is not holding to WRKE standards.

WRKE is set up so students can play music directly from their personal devices via an auxiliary cord. You are welcome to run your show this way, but there are additional guidelines pertaining to this type of broadcasting.

  • You must play music from a tablet or laptop computer- no cell phones. 
  • Playlists MUST be prepared before going on air 
  • You must listen to all music files before your show to check for explicit content 
  • Computers & tablets must be on do not disturb mode before they play over WRKE.
  • You can not use any computer that is being played over the air.
  • All music must be downloaded to your device prior to your show. No live streaming from YouTube, Spotify, etc.
  • You MUST log all music played from your device on the WRKE Google Drive. You can do this before, during, or after your show, but it must be completed no later than 24 after the broadcast. 


WRKE has limited policies and emphasizes creativity for its on-air staff. Therefore, the few policies that WRKE does have MUST be followed. In accordance with this, WRKE has a 2 strikes policy. If an on-air staff member violates one of WRKE’s policies, the staff member will receive via e-mail, a formal policy violation notice. All staff members have 24 hours from the time the notice is sent to dispute incorrect information or to appeal the violation. The first violation will serve as a formal warning. The second violation will result in termination. This same policy extends to paid staff members.