WRKE Names New Program Director

It’s our pleasure to announce that Alexis Samuels will be WRKE’s next Program Director.

Lexi is a Communications major in her junior year and has been WRKE’s Assistant Program Director since last Spring. She’s also been one of the station’s “trainers” since her sophomore year at Roanoke and elsewhere on campus held leadership positions for Alpha Kappa Chi. As a senior in high school, Lexi was the editor for the school’s literary magazine. In applying for WRKE Program Director, Lexi said it was her “love for the radio station” that drove her to seek the station’s top student leadership role.

Lexi will take over May 1 from seniors Liv Sampogna and Zach Dalton who’ve been ably sharing the position of program director. We thank Liv and Zach for their dedication and leadership over the years with WRKE during which the station experienced consistent programming and strong student involvement despite the COVID pandemic and related challenges.

There’ll be a transition period of 2 weeks for Liv and Zach to work with Lexi and prepare her to assume the new role on May 1.



April 13th, 2021

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