WRKE Show of the Month.

Each month a live-hosted show heard on WRKE will be selected and posted to this page to showcase the program and honor the host(s). Let us know if you want to submit a WRKE show for consideration by emailing us at [email protected].

The WRKE “Show of the Month” for February 2024 is “JNCO Jams with Coleman” which airs live Monday evenings 6:00-7:00 on 100.3 FM and streaming live on WRKE.org and TuneIn.

This show was selected because host Coleman Edmunds was joined by his musician father Spencer Edmunds who performed a few live selections on guitar and sang. In a touching moment, Spencer also presented his guitar to son Coleman during the show. And in another memorable moment, the show concluded with Cat Stevens’ “Father & Son”. Congratulations Coleman!

Listen to JNCO Jams W/Coleman and his dad Spencer:

We have another winner in our Show of the Month series: “Adventure Time with Cristiano” 8:00 PM Wednesdays on WRKE. On this program host Cristiano DiMaro was joined in the studio by Roanoke College History Professor Robert Willingham Robert Willingham (roanoke.edu). Dr. Willingham is also Chair of the College’s History Department and enjoys travelling to expand his horizons. cultural knowledge and language skills. Cristiano and Dr. Willingham had an interesting conversation ranging from world travel to soccer to small town life in a few places including Martinsville, VA.

“Crocodile Rock” is being showcased as WRKE’s latest Show of the Month. Each Tuesday evening at 7 Tori mixes in engaging animal facts with some great music. Want to know how often penguins poop each day or how many times honeybees flap their wings per second? Tori knows and she’s not chintzy when it comes to sharing her animal info with listeners. And the tunes she selects are way groovy and eclectic.

Rick Mattioni

February 22nd, 2024

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