Outgoing Program Director’s Open Letter to the WRKE Community

It is so hard to believe my four years at Roanoke College are almost over. It is even harder to believe my 2 years as Program Director have come to an end. I came to Roanoke College in a true last minute (last 24 hour) decision. It was supposed to be a temporary place for a semester to regroup and figure out where I wanted […]

WRKE Hires New Program Director

Salem, VA (WRKE) —WRKE is excited to announce that Olivia “Liv” Sampogna will be taking over as Program Director of WRKE in the new year. Liv has worked for WRKE since January of this year when she began as a DJ, and was quickly promoted to co-music director the following month.  “I am so excited to be apart of something that has such a big presence […]

Outlast Cast Revealed

Outlast Cast Revealed

WRKE (Salem, VA)- WRKE is excited to announce the 10 students that will be participating in WRKE’s Outlast competition. The cast features 10 Roanoke College students that will be stuck in the 150 square foot radio studio for 15 hours. Players include Evan Kosko, a chemistry student who works in the Colket Center, his ex-girlfriend Savannah Dorn who plays on the Women’s Lacrosse team, Donovan Hill who is […]

WRKE Show of the Month: November 2018

WRKE is excited to announce its Show of the Month for November! Each month, WRKE admin will choose and highlight a show that goes above and beyond in the planning, producing, and execution of their show. The show of the month for November is The Sisterhood of the Tinfoil Hats. Hosts Casey Wilson, Brett Schulz, Jordan Hanson, and Shannon Baker rotate around hosting this earnest […]

WRKE Prepares to Hold Second “Outlast” Competition

WRKE (Salem, VA)- WRKE is excited to announce that it will be holding its second “Outlast” competition. In March, WRKE held the first competition, in which 9 players stayed in the WRKE studio for a total of 7 hours. The players were not allowed access to food, chairs, the restroom, their cellphones, and were not allowed to sleep.  This time around, the rules have been changed and […]