Friday Shows

Friday Shows

Friday Night Live with Eji Abah


Friday Night Live is an opinion, talk, and vent show with occasional music breaks hosted by Eji Abah.


B-Sides and Cherry Pie with Aidan Lawrence


The place to be for all of your rock n roll music needs! The heart of B-Sides and Cherry Pie is providing those with a more refined taste the ultimate course of eclectic and iconic music from as far back as the ‘60s and as recently as today. From Dylan to Floyd, Creedence to Beach Boys, Tesla to Van Zandt, and Beatles to Cash. Be prepared to hear all of the classics that you know and love and many others forgotten in their time but deserving of our hipster praise.


Genre Benders with Jake Dellinger


“Genre Benders”, which airs on Fridays from 6-7, consists of music from this era and the last era. Combining elements of rock, hip hop and r&b, it’s truly a mixed bag! Host Jake Dellinger also gives his takes on the latest songs and albums that drop, and even offers weekly album picks to wrap up the week. Jake Dellinger is a freshman who is currently undecided. He enjoys writing, producing music and playing video games.

Cameron’s Classics with Cameron


Cameron’s Classics is an hour full of classic rock and more!


Bedtime Stories from Bedlam with Charlie Fry


Does your life not have enough scare-factor in it? Come and join me every week, as I read horror stories from across the internet, true and false, to bring a little suspense back to your day.

If you are a student and you write short horror stories, you may send your work in, with proper credit, to to be read on air.

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