Thursday Shows


Puentes Culturales with Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Montes


Puentes Culturales” (Thursdays 10am-11am) is a weekly talk show hosted by Dr. Alba Arias Álvarez and Dr. José Bañuelos Montes, both professors at the Modern Languages Department. Dr. Arias does research on Hispanic Linguistics, focusing on the Spanish in the US and Dr. Bañuelos Montes on Afro Colombian poetry. The two will bring you the latests news on politics, culture, and society from the Hispanic/Latinx world.

To request a song or topic, email [email protected]


Live from the Nosebleeds with Kendall Land



5:1 with Liv Sampogna


Compensating for the gender gap in alternative music, five songs at a time, with features on women, a-gender and gender-fluid artists every week.


Off the Beaten Tracks with Joyelle Ronan



Music Madness with Maddie Fetterolf


Unheard Gems with Sam Kanda


Midnight Coffee with Mary Rose Stark


Midnight Coffee is an evening show playing the alternative and independent tracks you’d hear while sipping your coffee at midnight. This show is hosted by Mary Rose Stark, a senior from Southern Nevada majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a concentration in Middle East Studies. To request a song or have your music featured email [email protected].


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