Thursday Shows


10:00 AM -10:59 AM

Puentes Culturales (Cultural Bridges) is the only bilingual talk show in the Roanoke/Salem radio listening area. The show’s host is Dr. José Bañuelos Montes of the Modern Languages Department at Roanoke College. Each week, Jose brings you the latest on politics, culture, and society from the Hispanic/Latinx world.

                                                                     4:00 PM – 4:59 PM

“Roanoke Sports Talk” with our sports guys Tyler, Scott, and Hunter (and occasional special guests). If it’s about sports, especially Roanoke College Maroon sports, you’ll hear all about it on Roanoke Sports talk.

                                                                    5:00 PM – 5:59 PM

“Melodic Moments” with your host Ronek.

                                                                    6:00 PM – 6:59 PM

“Esther’s Vent Fest” with your host Esther D. It’s a festival for your ears.

                                                                   8:00 PM – 8:59 PM

“Not A Lot Going On At The Moment” with Caroline and Lily. Don’t let the show’s name fool you. They got a lot going during this hour on WRKE.

                                                                  9:00 PM – 9:59 PM

“Game Night” on WRKE with Gavin. Game on.

                                                                10:00 PM – 10:59 PM

“Noise Pollution” with Klaus closes out our live Thursday night shows. Environmentally clean.

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