Thursday Shows


Puentes Culturales with Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Montes


Puentes Culturales” (Thursdays 10am-11am) is a weekly talk show hosted by Dr. Alba Arias Álvarez and Dr. José Bañuelos Montes, both professors at the Modern Languages Department. Dr. Arias does research on Hispanic Linguistics, focusing on the Spanish in the US and Dr. Bañuelos Montes on Afro Colombian poetry. The two will bring you the latests news on politics, culture, and society from the Hispanic/Latinx world.

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Rock and Talk with Rachel and Hunter


Listen to two RA’s discuss some of the funniest moments from their jobs with breaks filled with songs you can rock your head to. Get ready to laugh and rock on.


Good Luck With That with Amanda Jo


Come listen to the show that’s never the same thing twice! Various music, puns, and fun facts are free of charge. The classics? We have that. Suggestions? We take those. You could try to find another radio show like this one but I got to say… Good Luck With That.


Off the Beaten Tracks with Joyelle Ronan



Weekly Sports with Ryan and Matt


Tune in to Weekly Sports with Ryan and Matt to listen to senior Ryan Rogers and sophomore Matt Ocejo talk about what is happening in the sports world.  Ryan is currently a biochem major and Matt is a sports management major with a minor in Spanish.


Politics and Pop Culture with Ethan Perritt


A weekly talk show that dives into those uncomfortable political topics for one half and strange pop culture for the other. Ethan is a freshman majoring in English Literature.


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