Tuesday Shows


Live from the Nosebleeds with Kendall Land



Blabber and Bops with Eji Abah


Spend your Tuesday afternoon listening to Eji blabber about different topics and listening to some present-day and nostalgic bops.


Underground 101 with Lukasz Stasiuk


Underground 101 is a weekly show hosted by Freshman Lukasz Stasiuk on everything Hip-hop. Underground 101 puts an emphasis on exploring and informing listeners on Hip-hop’s hidden gems from the 90s and early 2000s that you may have never heard of, but also gives you a taste of some more recent stuff you may have. Lukasz Stasiuk is a freshman who is currently undecided, and wants to use Underground 101 as a way to share, broadcast, and discuss the music he is most passionate about others.


Hour of Dates with Kaelyn and Kasey


 Hour of Dates  is a weekly show where one lucky bachelor or bachelorette will get to know five other contestants in hopes of finding the perfect match for a date. We will then send the new pair off on a date and follow up the following week.


Out the Swamp with Chris and Nick


Two broke college students from very different backgrounds launch dynamic yet thrilling discussions concerning ongoing topics affecting the United States and the rest of the world. Based in Salem, Virginia: Host Chris Homer comes from historic Williamsburg VA while co-host, Nick Years, hails from wild South Florida city, Boca Raton. The duo hopes to normalize thoughtful political conversations without the usual ugly disagreements we see in our current political environment.


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